"How to I schedule an appointment?"

The easiest way to set up a tattoo appointment is to fill out my contact form. This is where we will start planning! It helps to include as many details as possible. Every tattoo I give someone is completely custom, so this information will help me to get an idea of what you want the final product to be like. Once I have a good idea of the design and layout, I will be able to give you a price quote and find a time that works well for both of us.

"How much does a tattoo cost?"

My shop minimum is $50. The price of a tattoo is dependent on the size/design/placement so it is easiest for me to give an accurate amount once we have discussed the details of what you are looking to have done.

"Do you offer piercings?"

Nope, I am surprisingly squeamish. Trust me, it wouldn't be pretty!
I do know plenty of talented piercers in the area and will be able to direct you to a trained professional who can take good care of you.

"Do I have to make an appointment?"

I try to take walk-in's whenever I can, but I am very fortunate and have a full schedule most days. If you are looking to get in for a smaller piece and don't feel like waiting, send me an e-mail and I will see if it's something I could make happen. It never hurts to ask!

"What do I wear?"

Whatever you feel comfortable in! As long as the area I will be tattooing is accessible, you can wear whatever you choose. The procedure area is not visible to anyone but the client and I, so it is really up to your comfort level. For those tricky spots on ribs, sternum, and hips, swimsuits that tie together can be really helpful. Yoga pants welcome!

"Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?"

The only thing you need to bring with you is a valid driver's license and your method of payment. Always make sure that you come in well rested, hydrated, and on a full stomach. Feel free to bring a beverage and some small snacks if it is a larger piece. This will help your body as it begins the healing process and will make the procedure more comfortable for you. Have a favorite playlist you want to jam to during your session? I can throw that on as well (unless it is country or polka.....then I would suggest some headphones)!

"How long will it take?"

As long as it needs to… I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist, so I tend to really analyze pieces before I send them out into the world. The reason I love this career so much, is that I get to meet tons of amazing people and I have made many friends because of it. The experience you have is important to me so there is no rush.

"What about touch-ups?"

I do offer free touch ups for up to six months after your appointment. I want to make sure you are satisfied with your tattoo, and sometimes they just need a little love after the initial healing process is over. Just shoot me an e-mail and I will get you set up with a time to come in.

Taking care of your new tattoo is really important, and it will determine how well it heals and ultimately how it will look. Not following my aftercare instructions, or "forgetting about it" generally ends up with a crappy looking piece. Which means it will need more attention and time to restore it's original brilliance. In those cases, I may ask you to pay a discounted set-up fee to cover the cost of my supplies.

"What if something comes up?"

Life happens! I get that! Here are my rules:

  • I require a deposit for all appointments, this will be applied to the cost of your tattoo and holds your appointment time. In the event that you need to reschedule, I must be notified within 48 hours prior to your appointment. Deposits can be moved up to two times before they are forfeited. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If proper notice is not given to cancel an appointment, You will forfeit your deposit and required to apply another deposit to book any future time.

  • This also applies to touch-up appointments and failure to notify me of a cancellation within 48 hours will result in the loss of your free touch-up.

"Can I tip you?"

Hell yes! But please don't feel obligated. I also accept tips in the form of coffee, unicorns, and friendship (and money of course)!